November Monthly Playlist

There are two very important passions in my life. You’ve already been introduced to one – food. But the second, which is just as important, is music.

I’ve worked as a music journalist. I ran my own magazine for a while – it was called No Heroes and a group of us worked on it for a solid 20 issues, which you can check out at the link.

It’s interesting to me, and possibly as a result of this magazine, that I became pinned as a person people could come to if they wanted someone to write about heavy music (punk, metal, hardcore, all that kind of thing). But there is so much more to me, to my tastes and to my likes and dislikes. I don’t think there is a genre of music I don’t enjoy. If I think of my favourite artists they run from Radiohead to Converge to David Bowie to Kendrick Lamar to Vivaldi.

To show this, I got inspired by some of my friends and started a little project on my Spotify account (which you can find and follow just by searching my name). From January this year I started creating monthly playlists to show what I had been listening to that month. The entire broad, weird scope of it.

So here is November…

This isn’t a very accurate representation of what I was listening to in November as I was pretty much listening to new album’s from Converge (probably my all-time favourite band) and YLVA (a new band from Melbourne who, in the purposes of full disclosure, feature one of my good friends) on repeat.

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